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Security Gap Identification

The difference between your practice and best practice is the gap. A cyber security gap analysis provides your organisation with insights into the current status of its cyber security approaches and vulnerabilities. It shows what you are doing and compares it against best practices for technical and procedural controls, as well as industry standards, such as the NIST Framework, ISO27001, GDPR, SOC2, HIPAA or PCI DSS. 

Main causes of of gaps range from lack of monitoring, vulnerabilities caused by emerging work-from-home policies, weaknesses in third-party vendor services and employees not following best practice. So often, businesses grow faster than their cyber-security policies and approaches. This is the biggest gap that needs closing.

Benefits of performing a gap analysis include repelling attackers, ensuring compliance, eradicate outdated security measures or raising cyber-security awareness.

Contact our friendly team of security experts today to talk more about the benefits of a cyber security gap analysis for your organisation.

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