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Enterprise Risk Management

ERM Strategy

Organisations in every geographic and industry sector face a wide variety of strategic, financial, operational, and compliance-related risks. These risks relate to internal business strategies, initiatives, processes, people, data and technology and external conditions such as market forces, regulation, enforcement trends and stakeholder activism. From financial performance to bribery and corruption to diversity and inclusion, such risks can adversely impact many areas within an organisation. Clients engage Cybernetic Defence to develop strong enterprise risk management (ERM) strategies and programs that identify and manage these risks, evaluate risks versus rewards, and turn risks into opportunities.


For decades, our senior practitioners have identified and mitigated organisational risks for our global clients. We collaboratively work with clients to develop their risk management capabilities and to identify necessary actions related to business performance, regulatory scrutiny, enforcement actions, stakeholder activity, or other adverse scenarios. Clients rely on our expertise to help them align risk management practices with business objectives and government regulations.

How we help

  • Enterprise risk assessment and analysis — risk frameworks to understand the risks your organisation or industry faces

  • Proactive risk identification, prioritisation, and management initiatives that “stick,” in part because we supplement these exercises with sustainable change-management strategies and leading technology solutions

  • Risk-detection services that help you determine where your programs can be enhanced

  • Risk appetite assessments to determine how much risk your organisation will endure to achieve its business strategies and goals

  • Compliance and risk management program assessment, design, implementation and enhancement

Area of Expertise

  • Enterprise risk management (ERM) program design, implementation, and maintenance

  • Operational risk management

  • Credit/interest rate/market/liquidity risk management

  • Compliance risk management

  • Technology cybersecurity and data governance

  • Reputation/strategic risk

  • Third-party/vendor risk management

  • Fraud risk

  • Model risk management

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