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cyber security audit

Why Choose Cybernetic Defence?

01. Identifies Security Vulnerabilities

One of the main benefits of a cybersecurity risk assessment is that it will help you identify the internal and external risks that are relevant to your system.

This is critical as it provides visibility into the individual components of your security system and identifies which areas are weak and need improving.

02. Documents & Reviews Security Controls 

A cybersecurity risk assessment will provide insight into your current security controls while evaluating how efficiently they operate and how they can be upgraded.

This information can then be used to prioritise critical areas of attention that should be dealt with first.

03. Meet Industry Compliance & Regulations 

Cybersecurity assessments will identify any areas where your organisation is failing to comply with government-mandated requirements & regulations.

04. Analyse Risks and Determine Potential Impact

We determine the cyber risk likelihood based on the discoverability, exploitability and reproducibility of threats and vulnerabilities rather than historical occurrences.

05. Prioritise Risks & Identify Risk Mitigation Process

We prioritise each risk based on their potential impact to the organisation, to 

allocate the necessary time and resources towards mitigating each of those risks effectively and anything above the organisation’s tolerance level to be prioritised for remediation.

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